CWP Compassion

CWP Missions
At Christians for Wold Peace, it is our goal to provide both peace and support for our Christian families in Israel and Palestine. We plan trips that deliver assistance to organizations like Bethlehem Bible College and the local hospital. These organizations offer Christian services to individuals who are in need of assistance with food, healthcare or education support. We provide the school and hospital with supplies and medications that are used to assistance our Christian brothers and sisters in need. Our mission trips provide a level of support that these facilities may not otherwise be able to get.

As a mission based organization, we take each opportunity we are given to provide care and solace to the individuals we meet. We take each opportunity to heal a person’s body, mind and soul as a gift. Each humble opportunity offers us a chance to instill a small bit of hope and peace, that like a seed, will grow and spread throughout the land. With each seed we sow in Christ’s name, we provide opportunities to others that will last for years to come. Each gift of hope we give to others comes back to us as a true blessing. By acting as the body of Christ, we are able to support and invest in the future of our fellow brothers and sisters in the Israel and Palestine region.