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About Us
The purpose of Christians for World Peace is to use the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ to help other Christian based organizations, churches and fellowship groups alike, bring peace to a troubled world. We truly believe that the “Holy Bible” is THE Word of God and that Christ’s teachings were meant for all people. We are a non-denominational organization. Because all of the contributions we receive go directly to support our cause, our volunteers cover the expenses and costs of their day to day mission activities

In October of 1996, Christians for World Peace was organized in Missouri. We received ourĀ 501-C3, Federal Tax Exempt status in April of 1997. Our organization is staffed only with volunteers.
We have no employees and the officers of our organizations work without pay. 100% of all donations made, go to support the mission of the organization. Any administrative costs, travel expenses or operating costs incurred by the CWP organization are paid by the volunteers who run the organization and the participants who help us carry out our mission. In March of 2000, a complete financial report was filed that covered the first three years of the organization. This included a complete list of all missions, missions activities and a detailed financial report.